2017: DELFI cognitive E&P environment

Delfi is Schlumberger's next generation, cloud-based E&P platform. I was tasked with implementing a data management system for moving bulk seismic data (GB/TB/PB-scale) in and out of the cloud. This was predominantly based on Python, Angular JS and the Google Cloud. A video summarizing Delfi can be found here.


2010-2017: Prestack Seismic Interpretation (PSI)

PSI is a plugin for Schlumberger's Petrel E&P Software Platform that allows interpretation of prestack seismic data. I developed a critical component (using C# and C++/CLI) that allows data access and visualisation of GB/TB volumes. It also integrates the Petrel (subsurface visualisation) and Omega (bulk seismic processing) platforms (two of the leading software solutions in the industry). A video summarizing PSI's capabilities can be found here.


2004-2017: Omega Geophysical Processing Platform

Omega is one of the leading geophysical data processing platforms in the industry. The Omega front-end is predominantly Java, with a backend based on C++ and Fortran. I was a member of the Omega software development team for 13 years. In that time I worked on many of Omega's systems, both frontend and backend, including the porting of the system from Linux to Windows. I also developed web applications designed to support the platform, including QA systems and resource monitoring.