Software developer with over 15 years of diverse software development experience.

I have worked on multiple projects utilizing a variety of languages (C#, Java, C++, Fortran, Javascript, Python, etc.), encompassing web, desktop, client/server and cloud solutions on both Linux and Windows. I also have a working knowledge of game development in Unity.

After several years concentrating on large-scale (tera/petabyte) seismic manipulation and visualization, particularly related to the Petrel and Omega seismic processing systems, I am now helping the Ivanti Automation team develop tools to aid organizations in streamlining the management of complex hybrid environments by automating their infrastructure, cloud, and workspace processes. .

On a more personal note, after a childhood spent in the south of England, I obtained degrees from the universities of Birmingham, Newcastle and Brighton, while my subsequent career has taken me from the UK to Tunisia and, latterly, Romania.

In my spare time, when I am not poking around in Unity, I try my hand at photography, following the philosophy that, if I take enough photos, some will be OK. In addition, I continue my quest to learn Romanian ca să-mi înțeleg soția și fiica mea când ei vorbesc despre mine

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